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My name is Jennifer Cote, and I am a Realtor with 5 Elements Realty Team powered by Realty Solutions. I moved to Austin 5 years ago searching for who I was as many people struggle with after college. In college, I had studied art and art history. I started a Photography company and with the creative vibe of the city allowed me to grow and connect to the community in a way that was not possible in Orlando. Art ended up being an expression I loved to do for myself, so I turned to the next thing I was passionate about helping others. My experience with Realtors prior was just that; they help people who are moving to the next step in their life. I strive to be the go-to person for any troubles, concerns or even just questions someone has about this process. It can be confusing, scary and exciting on the roller coaster before and after going under contract. Being a resource and being helpful is my life’s journey.

One of my favorite things about Austin is the focus and love for animals. I have always had pets in my life, and by the time I got into my own space back in Florida, I started fostering and rescuing cats with special needs. I began volunteering, and that is something I still love to do here in Austin for our pet communities. When the time came to move, we all packed up and made a move to Austin together. At this point, we are almost ready to introduce a dog to our life and space and experience Austin at the next level.

Austin welcomed me with open arms as an artist, particularly one with love for trees. The tree canopy rule in Austin is very close to my heart. I also enjoy the many beautiful parks and places to get away in nature. My favorite thing to paint for a long time has been leafless trees. Well on my first run in the city a week after I moved here there was a leafless tree that was painted white suspended over the Lady Bird Lake. The piece was a collaboration by "Women & Their Work" Beili Liu (lead visual artist), Norma Yancey and Emily Little (architects) and Cassie Bergstrom (landscape architect) a gallery called "Thirst." At that moment I knew I was where I was supposed to be. 

At this point, I am observing as Austin is growing past its artistic roots and making it more difficult for musicians and artists to live in the city. I have also witnessed rapid growth and expansion without a solid plan to bring infrastructure to sustain it. As I watch these changes unfold this is something I am passionate and focused on preventing. I have joined ABOR committees most notably the Growth & Development and the Water & Sustainability Policy Teams to bring my concerns to the local real estate boards. However, this is just the beginning.

Just some fun facts about me: I have played Pokemon since I was 10 and still do now. I love playing Pokemon Go now with my husband and friends. I am into D&D, sci-fi like star trek and star wars, Anime and reading lots of books. I love mythology and astronomy studies. Like any of these things? Let's talk; I love discussing this stuff with others!

The things that I genuinely love about Austin, and Texas as I have experienced it, is that there is a place for everyone if you know how to look for it. There are ways to grow and find yourself to reach for something new or more. I want to help create and maintain the culture of creativity that is here, and I want to help foster the community to be one of connectivity and passion. We can build the world that we see if we do it together.

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