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Home. When you close your eyes and try to picture “home,” what comes to mind? For me, it’s more of a feeling than a place. It is the safety and security of knowing you belong.

I grew up in Parker County, and it’s soul, I carried with me to Texas A&M. It brought me comfort in those glorious and trying years, and gave me the confidence, upon graduation (WHOOP!) to adventure to New Mexico where I worked at an Equine Surgery Center. Though I loved my career path, I soon yearned for more.
Growing up here instilled a fondness to help others. I wanted more with my life, so I came to Fort Worth to become a secondary science educator. I had the opportunity to inspire a love for science and agriculture in my children. In nearly a decade of teaching, I strived to create a home for my students. My classroom was a place to be comfortable, to be loved, to learn and to belong. When I began my own home search, something new sparked in me. I love teaching! I love the kids (I know, they can be crazy, especially those seniors, but I LOVE them)! But something inside me, wanted to help people in a new way. Finding a physical space to call home is something I feel in my bones. In teaching, we call that the “lightbulb” moment. I began a prayerful process to see where I felt called to be, and so began my journey into real estate.

Living here creates a very special bond with people and the land, and I feel passionate about finding that physical space for my clients to know in their heart there’s no place like...home.

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