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Dated: 10/24/2018

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Are you thinking about buying a new home?  Looking at spec homes or do you want to start the build process?  NOW is the time to do this.  The last quarter of the year is a great time to take the plunge.  Most home builders are running great specials and offering many incentives.  They do this to prevent having too much inventory at the end of the year.  They run deals by offering large discounts on the prices of the home, large amounts towards closing or upgrades.  

Do not enter into a contract with a builder without having a realtor represent you. (Like ME) The sales consultant represents the builder, they are going to help you get into the home, but not save you as much money as you can if you use a realtor.  As a buyer, a realtor's services are free to you.  Why wouldn't you have someone represent YOU?

I have built relationships with many builders and most of them have become friends, so I am NOT trying to say they are bad people...just benefits you if you are represented. I can get you more discounts on top of what they are offering. The process can be stressful, I will help you from beginning to end. I can meet you and show you all the plans the builder offers, explain the process, help you understand what the deposits are for, get contracts done, accompany you to the design center, check on the progress, keep you informed every day, attend walk-throughs, help with punch lists and sit with you at the closing table. The process should be as stress free as possible. Why would you want to handle all these things on your own?   

Let's go take a look!!!!

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Meredith O’Bannion

Meredith came to real estate after years as a classroom teacher and administrator. Even as an educator she was always a student of the hill country market starting with her first home purchase in Buda....

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